Healthy food is simply a pleasure in Medi Spa Encanto Beach!



Let's take care of ourselves, encouraging our organs to detoxify and work with ease, giving us the energy we need every day.

Let's feel full of life and be the best version of ourselves with a healthy eating plan created by our experienced chefs.

Our desire is to provide you with the perfect balance of essential fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and our healthy Detoxmenu is ideal for all of you who are looking for the right way to feel full of energy, stronger and fuller every day.

Eliminate semi-finished and processed foods such as soft drinks, sausages and salamis, burgers, packaged pasta, chips, snacks, salads, refined sugar, white flour and trans fats from your menu. They are full of harmful sweeteners, preservatives, colorants and enhancers, many of which release toxic substances into the body when broken down.

Each of our programs offers the opportunity to choose a healthy diet (For Detox programs it is included and mandatory, for all others- by prior request at our call center or upon check-in), tailored to the needs and goals of the guest, offered in a modern specialized restaurant in GRIFID Encanto Beach hotel.



It is very similar to the practice of fasting, and one of its goals is to restore energy from the digestive system to increase consciousness, overall energy, immunity, as well as many other health benefits.

The diet excludes products of animal origin, dairy products, including butter and yogurt, eggs, all foods containing gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners, industrial spices such as ketchup, mayonnaise, margarine and others, coffee and beverages containing caffeine, as well as and soft and alcoholic beverages.

Balancing detox can also be considered as a type of vacation for the digestive system. With three delicious meals and two snacks a day, optimal health is not only achievable, enjoyable, nutritious, but also satisfying.

Precisely designed menus with two variants of caloric intake "850-1050 calories" and "1250-1400 calories".

A healthy lifestyle is healthy food + hydration + sports. They create the necessary conditions for your body to cope with the natural opportunities for detoxification