These general terms and conditions regulate the relations between   and the guests of the hotels, in connection with the services provided. These general terms and conditions are made available to interested parties in Bulgarian, as well as in translation into other languages. In case of a dispute regarding the content or interpretation of these general terms and conditions, or if some inconsistencies and differences between the Bulgarian text and the text translated into any other language are present, the Bulgarian version takes precedence and will be applied.

1.   ensures the use of the services, subject to the requested and paid reservation, in their full quantity, under the conditions of the relevant reservation and in accordance with these general terms and conditions.   provides information on the Website related to the services offered.
2. Unless otherwise agreed, in a specific promotion or special offer, for the purposes of the reservation, children are considered guests, aged between 2 years to 12.9 years on the date of check-in, and infants are considered children between 0 to 1, 9 years on the date of check-in. A guest who has reached the age of 13 on the date of check-in is considered an adult.
3. Check-in at   takes place after presenting personal documents certifying the identity of the guests.   administers and processes personal data in accordance with current regulations, and any information received from or about guests will be used solely in connection with the reservations made and the services used and will not be provided for other purposes, except for those cases specifically defined by the law.
4. Check-in and check-out time
4.1. Check-in and check-out hours:
- Check-in: after 15:00 o’clock
- Check-out of the rooms: until 11:00 o’clock
4.2. In cases of an earlier check-in and/or late check-out of the room, compared to the above-mentioned hours in item 4.1. , and if confirmed and agreed in advance with   that the option is possible, an additional payment is due.
4.3. Reservations are held until midnight - 24:00 o’clock on the relevant day of arrival.
5. Transfer. Upon a confirmed reservation, the Guest may additionally request an individual or group transfer at an additional fee. Transfers for which a price has been agreed with the guest and which are not used for a reason for which the Hotelier is not responsible, such as - refusal of the guest, delay of the carrier - the airline, bus or railway carrier and other transport service providers, are not subject to compensation, their value is not refundable and do not constitute grounds for claims by the guest.
6. Parking: Parking is not included in the accommodation price and is payable locally at the hotel. Please note that parking spaces belonging to   are subject to availability and cannot be reserved in advance.   is not responsible for damage caused to your car in the parking area.
7. Pets. According to the hotel policy of   pets are not allowed.

The contract is considered concluded upon confirmation of the reservation by  , as well as full payment of its cost. By making an online reservation, you confirm and accept the current general terms and conditions. Browsing the Website does not create any agreement between and the Guests.
1. Method of booking
Reservations at   can be made as follows:
- By phone +359 (0) 700 20 909 or by e-mail at [email protected]
- Online through the website www.
- Directly at the hotel
  1.1. Reservation by email and phone
When making a reservation by email or phone, it is necessary to send us an inquiry to [email protected] or call at +359 (0) 709 20 909, providing information about the guest's name, length of stay, number of nights, number of adults and children (and their age at check-in) and you will receive an accommodation offer by email or phone.
1.2. Online booking
You can make an online reservation through the online reservation module of our website after entering the necessary parameters, such as the period of stay, number of persons (adults and/or children), age of the children at the time of check-in, and select the desired room type.
1.3. Reservations on spot directly at the hotel
When booking a room directly at the hotel, it is necessary to provide us with the name of the guest, the period of stay, the number of nights, persons (adults and/or children), age of the children at the time of check-in, the number of adults and children (age), then you will be provided with a price quote for accommodation. The price offer can be submitted on paper or by e-mail.
2. Booking confirmation
Your reservation is considered confirmed, after receiving an automatic confirmation with a corresponding reservation number sent to the e-mail address specified by you when you book through the online reservation system of  ; or after receiving a relevant reservation number from the e-mail addresses of   - [email protected] or [email protected] when booking through the   Call Center. A confirmed booking is NOT GUARANTEED until 100% of the booking amount due has been paid. Only after receiving the full amount of the reservation, it is considered GUARANTEED.

1. All prices quoted on the   Website are in BGN (or in the selected currency), per room, per day and include VAT, tourist tax and insurance. Prices are valid for the period indicated on the Website. If there are special and/or promotional package offers announced, the prices are valid for the period appointed by them. The total amount due for each specific reservation is automatically calculated depending on the number of days, the number of adults and children, and the selected current or applicable price offer for the relevant period.
2. The prices related to the reservation of the Services are indicated before and during the reservation process.
3. All reservations, regardless of their origin, must be paid in the currency of the hotel, except in cases where special provisions are indicated in the hotel.
4. Currency conversions are shown for informational purposes only, never for contractual purposes. Only the currency confirmed at the time of booking is guaranteed (if this currency is different from the hotel's currency, conversion costs are borne by the person making the relevant payment).
5. GRIFID Hotels reserves the right to change prices and special offers depending on the hotel occupancy.
6. Promotional offers are only valid for reservations made in the period in which the promotion is announced, under the relevant conditions, and cannot be a ground for a demand by a guest who has already made a reservation for a price reduction, refund of the price difference or a reason for a complaint.
7. The price offer displayed on the website is based on the tariff valid for the user's country of residence, using the user's IP address as a reference.
8. The final price of the reservation is not a subject of amendment in case of a change in the amount of taxes or fees on the services included in the contract, imposed by a third party that is not directly involved in the performance of the services, including tourist taxes, VAT, etc.

Payment on site: Payment can be made by the User in cash in BGN or by card at the hotel reception.
Payment by bank transfer: Payment for the reservation can be made by bank transfer to the bank accounts specified in the reservation confirmation, in Euros or BGN. All bank fees and transfer costs are at the client's expense. When making the bank transfer, please enter the name of the person who will use the paid reservation, hotel and reservation number as a reason for payment.
Payment via PayPal (available for selected  ): Bookings can be paid via PayPal account.
Payment through a virtual POS terminal.   respects your privacy. To protect you from fraud when paying with a bank card, we apply the best practices recommended by international card organizations. The security of entering and transmitting the card data is guaranteed by using the SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and the corresponding payment page of our bank. The authenticity of your bank card is verified by entering the Card Verification Value (CVV2). In addition, to identify you as a cardholder, our e-commerce bank's payment server supports the authentication systems of international card organizations - verified by the secure VISA and MasterCard security code, in case you are registered to use them. Your personal data will only be used for the purposes of processing the reservation and the payment and will not be disclosed to third parties, except where there is a legal basis for doing so.
Transaction receipt. If the transaction is processed successfully, a transaction receipt is displayed on the screen, which you should print and keep. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron payments. Check with your bank card issuer to see if it is compatible with online transactions. The transaction currency for bank card payments is BGN.
Payment with a bank card which cardholder’s name is different from the reservation‘s guest name. In case the cardholder is not the person who will be staying at the hotel, they will need to provide additional information beyond what is normally required as part of the purchase process. If this information is not provided correctly and completely, payment must be made in advance, at the hotel or by bank transfer, to guarantee the reservation.
Currency conversion. In case of currency conversion, as a result of a payment made in another currency, potential difference in the total value of the reservation is at the expense of the payer. When paying in Euros, the amount of the reservation must be calculated according to the national fixed exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN. In the event of a change in the Bulgarian National Bank's fixed exchange rate of Euro to BGN, the change is automatically applied upon its announcement by the Bulgarian National Bank, regardless of the value specified in these general terms and conditions.
After successful payment of the cost of the reservation, you will receive a confirmation, number and parameters of your guaranteed reservation.

1. Cancellation and changes of the reservation by the guest
1.1. During the booking process, the cancellation deadline and the amount of the cancellation penalty are clearly indicated. The cancellation deadline is linked to the start date of the booked reservation and the amount of the cancellation penalty depends on the total amount due for the reservation. Please pay attention to these cancellation conditions when making your reservation in order to avoid cancellation, no-show or early departure fee*
*If a Guest checks out of their Room earlier than the originally scheduled departure date and is charged a fee, it is called an 'Early Departure Fee'. Please speak with the Front Desk directly, if you unexpectedly need to shorten a planned length of stay.
1.2. If you cancel your booking before the cancellation deadline specified during the booking process, no cancellation penalty will be applied and you will receive a full refund of the prepaid amount. Refunds are only made via bank transfer after the guest has provided information about their bank account number, bank address and home address. The refund transfer is not an automatic process and is carried out within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the necessary information by the guest, as described in the previous sentence.
1.3. If not otherwise provided in the conditions of the specific reservation and the cancellation is made less than 7 (seven) days before the date of check-in, in case of a no-show on the day of check-in or an earlier departure,   retains as compensation (penalty) the full amount of the amount paid for the reservation.
1.4. Cancellation is done by sending an email to [email protected], which should contain the reservation number, as well as guest details and dates of stay. Reservations made on the website can also be cancelled through the reservation panel by following the link leading to your reservation and the "Cancel reservation" button. You will be informed when the reservation is successfully canceled.
1.5. In case of an early departure* of all guests or part of the guests from the specific reservation, regardless of the reason for this,   is owed a compensation (penalty) of the amount due for the period of the unrealized overnights.
1.6. A change to a reservation could be made by the guest the following way: by email to [email protected] or by phone +359 (0) 700 20 909.
1.7. Changes in the characteristics of the reservation, the price, the terms of payment and the cancellation policy are allowed only under the conditions specified below and the change may be charged additionally.
1.8. Changing the reservation period is allowed only after confirmation by the Hotelier. When changing the stay, if a price offer with a lower price is available for the new period chosen by the guest, the difference between the price due/paid for the changed reservation and the price offer applicable after the change, is due to   as a compensation. In the event that the current price is higher and/or the new period of the reservation is in a more expensive price period, the guest owes an additional payment for the difference.
1.9. A change in the number of guests by the guest in the direction of increasing the beds/rooms in the reservation is allowed only after confirmation by the Hotelier that the service can be performed for the additional guests and after agreeing on the conditions and the amount of the additional payment. A reduction in the number of guests is permitted without incurring fees and penalties if it is during the free cancellation period. After this period, if the number of guests in the reservation is reduced, the conditions for cancellation apply and it is allowed only after confirmation by the Hotelier and agreement on the conditions for the change.
1.10. If the guest wishes to change the place of accommodation - another hotel from the GRIFID chain, they can make an inquiry about this by sending an email to [email protected] or contacting the hotel by phone +359 (0) 700 20 909. A change in the place of accommodation is allowed only after explicit confirmation by the Hotelier. If a lower price offer is available for the guest's newly selected place of accommodation, the same is not applicable to the change, unless the parties agree otherwise, and the difference between the price due/paid for the changed reservation and the price offer applicable after the change, is owed to   as a compensation. In case that the price of the new service is higher than that of the confirmed reservation, the guest owes an additional payment for the difference.
* Any departure from the hotel and vacating of a bed/room before the originally booked departure date is considered an early departure. In cases when guests intend to make early departure, but this happens after 11:00, the hotel will consider that day as used by the guest and will not be included in the compensation payable to  . The property reserves the right to charge you an early departure fee in the event you depart earlier than the original departure date
2. Cancellation and changes to the reservation made by  .
2.1.   has the right unilaterally and without paying compensation and/or penalties to cancel a reservation, during the guest's stay, in the following cases:
- In case of behavior of a guest or their companion which, according to the Hotelier or their representatives, contractors and/or employees, causes danger, stress, harm, anger or serious inconvenience to other guests, employees or partners or creates a risk of damage to the hotelier's property or to third parties.
- In case of violation of   Policy.
2.2. If   cancels a reservation for reasons other than those specified in item 2.1. of this section V, the guest has the right to receive an equivalent service under the same or similar conditions in another GRIFID hotel, or to be refunded the amounts paid for the cancelled reservation, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of a written request for this from the guest.
2.3. To cancel a reservation according to the above-mentioned in item 2.1. and 2.2.reasons, the guest will be notified whenever possible through the communication channel used to confirm the booking, by email or by other means, including by telephone.
2.4.   reserves the right to change the place of accommodation to one of the same or higher category, under the same conditions of accommodation and food, in another GRIFID hotel. In the absence of consent, the guest can cancel the reservation free of charge and receive back 100% of the amount paid. The hotelier notifies the guest by e-mail or phone about the change, and the guest must inform the Hotelier of his decision by the deadline specified in the notification. In the absence of notification, it is assumed that the guest has accepted the change. When accepting a substitute service with a lower price, the guest is entitled to a refund of the price difference.
3. Force majeure. Neither party to the reservation contract shall be liable to the other party if its performance is prevented by force majeure which the party concerned could not reasonably foresee and the consequences of which are beyond its control (except for the settlement of payments), which includes without limitation natural disasters, acts of war, strikes, epidemics, earthquake, fire, flood, government decisions. Damages caused by force majeure shall be borne by the party to this Agreement to which they are caused. The two parties to the Agreement undertake joint actions to reduce the negative consequences resulting from the occurrence of force majeure circumstances.

1. In all  , we strive to provide all our guests with a high level of quality, comfort, tranquility and security.   policy aims to support and ensure the maximum safety and satisfaction of our guests.
2. It is the hotel's policy not to allow discrimination on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion, sex, marital status, age, ethnicity or disability. All guests and employees are expected to comply with this policy and the hotel reserves the right to remove any person or persons found to be in violation of this policy.
3. Access to the room by   employees: The   team reserves the right to access the rooms, for the purpose of cleaning, maintenance, checking the condition of the furniture and appliances in them or for the purpose of preventing incidents or stopping an unacceptable behavior by the guests, contradictory to the policy of  .
4. Towels. We do not allow towels from your room to be used at the pool or beach area. You will receive information about the use of towels for the pool and the beach at the reception.
5. Evacuation instructions: Please read the emergency instructions as well as the Evacuation Plan located on the inside of your room door.
6. Safe. At your disposal, there is a safety deposit box in your hotel room.   recommends storing your valuables in it.
7. Pool/beach. Guests are obliged to comply with the rules for the use of the pool and the rules of behavior on the beach, which are indicated at the respective sites.
8. Restaurants. Food and beverages cannot be taken out of the restaurants due to public requirements and HACCP regulations.
9. Clothing. Dress code is recommended in all public areas of the hotel: casual wear. Guests are only allowed to wear swimwear in the swimming pool area of the hotel. Dress code for dinner – smart casual (shorts are allowed, except for beachwear, flip-flops and sleeveless shirts). Please read the information in the hotel description.
10. Smoking. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms and in all indoor areas on the territory of  .
11. Damage or theft of hotel or other property. Each guest is responsible for damages (intentional and unintentional) on the territory of the complex caused by them personally.   has the right to charge the account of the guilty party for the damage caused to the property of  , in an amount according to the price list provided at the reception, which amount is due to be paid by the guest.
12. On the territory of  , rude and aggressive behavior, obscene expressions, shouting, insults, as well as any kind of physical or verbal assault on the personality of the other guests and/or hotel staff are not allowed.
13.   are not responsible and do not owe refunds and/or payment of benefits of the guest in case of:
- Loss, damage or destruction of valuables, money, documents and other items left in the hotel room or another place on the hotel territory;
- Incorrect filling of the reservation form by the guest or his proxy/representative;
- Damages or cancellations due to actions of third parties, including border and customs services, airlines, bus and rail carriers, regardless of whether due to these actions the guest(s) missed part of the service or even the whole service;
- Services that complement the tourist program or the stay at  , performed by third parties, which are issued with separate documents for their performance - tickets: plane tickets, ferry tickets, bus tickets on regular bus lines, etc. In these cases, responsibility for property and non-property damages to the guest is borne by the specific provider of the service;
- Technical breakdowns in the accommodation or its facilities used by the guest, due to which part of the service or the whole service cannot be performed;
- In case of refusal, diversion or omission by the guest/guests from the consumption of paid services;
  reserves the right to change its GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and POLICY.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +359 (0)700 20 909